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MUDRA - Implementing Covid-secure measures

- REDUCED CLASS CAPACITY:  We are still operating with a slightly reduced class capacity for this period and most off peak classes are very quiet.  


- LESS STUDIO CLASSES: we will be running a smaller studio timetable that always allows a minimum of 30mins between classes to clean and fully air and clean the space between classes.


- AIR: We have invested in air purifiers around the studio (that over exceed the guidance on air flow quality) and when able we will be running class skylights open. 


- CLEANLINESS/ANTIVIRAL: Hand sanitisers are available around the studio. The yoga studio will be cleaned and all touch points treated with antiviral between classes and deep clean at the end of each day/start of the new. We will also provide mat spray any used mats during class. 


- PPE: as with the period of transition the wearing of PPE is a personal choice but at the moment teachers will not be wearing masks. 


- 15 and 10 CLASS PASS: for this period as we have a reduced capacity we have had to remove our 15 class pass but we hope to re introduce asap. 

- 12 HOUR CANCELLATION: we are increasing the cancellation period to 12 hours to ensure we have time to try and replace any cancelled booking - all bookings are going to be essential during this period. 

- NO LATE ARRIVALS: to ensure a safe and sacred space for the entire class to practice once class starts and doors closed we will not be allowing students to enter. Once class starts there is no class refund. Please arrive in good time!

- PRE-BOOK: during this period we recommend pre booking all yoga classes to prevent any gathering at the entrance for drop ins. 

- ARRIVE READY AND EARLY: Please try and arrive ready for class and also 10mins pre class to ensure a smooth flow onto the mat and avoid any gathering of people. 

- CHOICES:  we hope with both online and studio class offerings we can provide teachings to your current calling. As the practice teaches us we are in control of our choices. Please make sure you make the right choice for your circumstances when joining us in studio or online. 


- STAY HOME: we know you will but if you are feeling ill in any way please stay at home (and join us online) and we'll see you soon!



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