Curiosity, adventure and a fair amount of recklessness has taken Darren to many different parts of the world, discovering connection to others and much to his surprise, his purpose in life. From using his theatre skills whilst running away with the circus on a tour of India, to teaching at a English in the West Bank, he soon realised his calling in unlocking the true potential of others.


As a sporty, football loving kid and triathlon competing, gym loving grown man – wear and tear took its usual toll until he was introduced to yoga. It was a baptism of fire (literally, his first class was heated to 37 degrees!) but he immediately felt the benefits as the practice built both strength and flexibility in mind and body helping him to continue hiking up mountains, cycling across the country and swimming in the sea.


Also an advocate of the benefits of the deeper philosophy of yoga, Darren aspires to weave the ancient spiritual practice with fun creative flow, linking it to the modern world through storytelling and having a laugh. Expect his classes to be strong and mindful leaving you with a new perspective both in body and mind, providing space to connect to the best version of yourself.