What does it mean by online yoga, essentially these classes will be streamed LIVE from the teacher in their home to you, you'll need to set up a little space where you can move around but fear not it doesn't need to look pretty, it just needs to be accessible for you to move, to hear and to see your teacher throughout the screen. We don't currently offer an on demand library as we focus more on connection and community.


What to do? Book into a class as normal, see our new Timetable of online classes.
Class registration will close 15 mins prior to class start time

Create a Zoom account, it's free, you can use laptop, tablet or phone. 

Obviously a laptop will give you a bigger picture and therefore easier to view, if using a tablet/phone make sure you download the zoom app.

10/15 mins before class starting we'll email you the invite to class/meeting, click through the link and you'll be ready to join us. Once in the class please mute your side of zoom so everyone can clearly tune into the teacher. It's up to you whether you want to be seen or not, it's definitely nice for the teacher this way, so they can connect with you, but equally we understand if you'd prefer to turn your camera off.

Arrive 5 mins early and just sit and be, some teachers might also want to offer you a playlist to use during the practice if they're organised enough we'll send it through along with the zoom invite email. 

One more thing, make sure your mind body email, the one we have on file on your account 

is up to date as this is where the invite will be sent. You only need to book 1 place per household we happy for

friends to join you on the mat!


Get your mat ready (or towel or rug)

Have block close by (or tissue box, book or a bottle)

A strap (or make shift strap, dressing gown rope)

Maybe a cushion or blanket

It's nice to create closed environment for your class if you can shut the door it's helpful so you can tune in energetically and get the most from your class. Maybe have low lighting, incense and candles are always lush. Essentially make the space as best you can. 


Unsure? No worries email us and we'll do what we can to help - hello@mudrayogalondon.com



Park yoga is a yoga class held in Clissold Park. Join us in Clissold park Stoke Newington for an outdoor yoga class. The classes will vary teacher to teacher and with the changing nature of the weather and day but outdoor classes tend to be less 'specific' and more a collective experience and fun. All our teachers are happy to invite beginners and advanced students into the class and will help guide each class for all levels.


Clissold Park yoga! Join us in the field directly opposite Mudra (Shelford place, London - if you were to stand at the end of the road and look ahead we will be in that field) there is a large rounded oak tree slightly offset into the open field - we will be based there burning incense (so follow the scent and shapes :)


Bring your own mat (if using one) and any additional clothing or props. Try and arrive a few mins before class to say hello and check in!


Let's hope the sun shines!