Sarah is a passionate and engaged yoga teacher, recipe developer and host of the podcast “Kitchen Club”. She accidentally fell in love with the yoga practice 10 years ago, whilst at University, as a way to land and ground herself daily into how she was feeling and truly check in. Sarah has been teaching Vinyasa flow for over 2 years, both in London and on retreats and is constantly reminded by the beauty and connectivity of the yoga practice and the ability to build community. Above all, Sarah continues to play “student” to the yoga practice and is constantly learning.


Sarah weaves her connection to the practice into her teaching style, with a playfulness on encouraging her students to find a personal practice that feels good for their bodies, rather than looks a certain way. And to move in a way that’s honest to what they’ve got going on; physically, mentally and emotionally, and to let that guide their movement. Sarah’s light-hearted energy means there’s always room for a giggle in class.