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All our retreats are guided with the balanacing energies of Paul and Emily. Both experienced yoga teachers for many years they bring a variety of practices to create a weeks retreat that is steeped in wisdom of the yogic path, offering some physical challange and equal release and restore. You will be guided through some meditation focused classes and invited into some writing exercises that focus the mind into the practice. 


The space we have chosen is close to Almeria in Spain. It's set with a beatiful Olive Grove.  


The Spanish culture is something we personal tune into so happily, the magic weather and cuisine make for an incredible place to relax and restore . 


The space is very accessible making for an easy journey to us.


Click through for full details of our location, the daily schedule, facilities, rooms and prices.  


We have been focusing on how we can bring a full retreat experience through just one day. 

It's not always accessible for all to have the ability to take a full week away from life so how can we offer this without having to travel too far or seek a week off work. 

Emily & Paul are uniting to host regular one day retreat days. 

The day will consists of a mindful walk, yoga practices from yang to yin, mediation, a relaxed lecture going deeper into yoga, lunch and few other mindful activities.

These will run close to Stoke Newington and will be offered throughout the year. 

Full info and dates going soon!