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Its been amazing to witness the ever growing awareness of yoga and wellbeing in society and we believe regular yoga practice will improve your quality of life, health and wellbeing. Whatever your age or level of fitness we have a class or teacher for you. If new we recommend signing up for a 5 class pass and exploring a few teachers and classes and experience for yourself if yoga 'is for you'.

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 Each teacher has their own style and we keep it free for the teacher to express there own yoga teachings. The only thing we ensure is fantastic teachers and classes and a peaceful and inspiring studio to carry out your yoga practice. 


'Flow Yoga' or 'Vinyasa yoga' combines fluid movement and breath work into creative moving and intelligently sequenced classes. Building heat in the body, greater suppleness, flexibility and strength while also cultivating breathe and mental awareness. Open to all levels (just check in with teacher if new to the practice).



A classic 1hr 'flow yoga' class followed by 15mins of nourishing poses or an extended deep relaxation. The perfect balance of yang and yin to find more inner space and ease. 


'Slow Flow' classes help to find space between and within poses while keeping the rhythm of a 'Flow Class' but at a gentle pace and with fewer transitions. Ideal for Beginners and for when you just need to slow down.


Yin Yoga is a very slow-paced form of yoga where poses (asanas) are held for longer period of time – anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes. There is a particular focus on improving flexibility and some postures can be quite challenging to maintain but ultimately deeply releasing and healing.



If you are completely new to yoga this class is for you (you could also try the 'Slow Flow' classes). A approachable class for all levels and ages and a class to get a flavour of things to come.  


A 'Flow Yoga' class but at a discounted price (*Wednesday 12.30pm only).


Yoga workshops (often 2hours long) are a great way to explore your yoga practice a little further. Check the Workshops & Retreats page for all our upcoming events. 



Keep checking our timetable for new classes and styles.