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For all yoga teachers qualified 200hr (min) wanting to develop their own teaching skill and understanding of the practice.

I believe being a yoga teacher is to create a community where we share yoga as a subject that keeps giving. Teaching a class that offers a practice for the student to carry with them sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciuosjy the practice begins to serve them beyond the mat and the time spent in the space. So how do we do this?  Mostly its to be n the practice yourself you must be the yogi to really be the yoga teacher, this means always learning, listening and developing the self on the path of yoga.  Therefore this training will offer further learning and advance understanding of asana, energy, history & philosophy. We will spend a day in each subject, practicing, experiencing, understanding and sharing. 


Taking some time to replenish self to fill up your cup to remeber why you teach and why how yoga can serve you as much as your students, something we can often loose sight of on the path of becoming the teacher. 







This training is a way to tune into the practice once again, from 4 different places, the physical side of yoga, asana, sequencing, alignment and touch. The energetic, holding space, self study, creating ceremony. The "Yoga" understating some deeper study of the philosophy from the roots of the practice. You as the teacher, how you teach and share the practice in a way that is heard, looking at our voice, our power and our truth. 

Each day we will unite for a long practice of meditation, chanting, pranayama and asana. I make my full teaching plan and offering  transparent so not only can you indulge in being the student in practice we can then look and breakdown how it came together. Post class we will take pause with a mini daily learnings tuning into what came up for us in the practice both as a student and as a teacher. This can be the most simple and powerful way to develop our teachings.

The training is created also to be enjoyable it's short to make it accessible but we have a lot to squeeze into each day. Think of it as an immersion into yoga and let the study and knowledge flow. I am keen on releasing the need to put "hours" on our CV and want us to recognize this is irrelevant, self study, the right study and the act of teaching is hours of quality time immersing in teaching and this is where we really learn. 


I have spent many years supporting the growth of teachers it’s for sure a passion of mine to help those on this journey with me. I have done and am still navigating my own teaching and learning further. For this is part of our role as teachers. It’s very important to me that this course is offered in a way where you find equal joy of the practice as the study. This is a no pressure kind of course it's not something I've ever found to serve learning. I like to teach you from the teacher you already appreciating what you can also offer to the course and the group.




Silent Mornings

 Meditation & Practice 8 - 10


Class / Lectures / Study 10:30 - 1:30

(Free time/Project time)

Practice / Teaching / Discussion / Lecture  3 - 6


JUNE 10TH & 11TH

JUNE 24TH & 25TH


(on all days)



AIRSPACE STUDIOS - 231-233 Stoke Newington Church
(It's the next mews by Mudra)



(A big aim is to make this course accessible and affordable I totally recognize that £750 is a big investment and am happy to discuss long term payment plans etc)

*A non refundable deposit of £250 will secure your place on the course




This course will be led by myself Emily-Clare Hill, I have been sharing yoga for just over 14 years. Exploring many styles of practice and ways of teaching, having taught in most locations and situations you could imagine, all of it guiding me to where I am now. Now settled in to hosting my own yoga studio in Stoke Newington London, a carefully created studio holding the truth of yoga at its heart filled with open community and love.


In my joinery of teaching I have always held study at the forefront not just by attending courses and trainings but the practice of yoga is to self study and its our job to study the self as the teacher always, how we are being received are the lessons of the practice landing can I be more per voce to my students. 


My personal mantra "once your stop learning you stop living" I thrive on seeing the potential in students and helping them embrace and recognize  this in themselves. The path of yoga is what we are teaching but we can always find new ways and new understanding of how we can share this path.

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