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Mudra is a beautiful yoga studio offering a friendly, supportive and inspiring environment to explore yoga and it's many teachings and life benefits. We provide daily yoga classes (7 days a week from 7am - 8pm) and monthly yoga workshops by some of London's most experienced and dedicated yoga teachers. An independent yoga studio run by yoga teachers (Paul & Emily-Clare) with a commitment to make every class a moment to step fully into and the space to be a sanctuary for all to join. You can find us directly opposite the Clissold Park just off Church St in Stoke Newington, London N16 9HS.


Committing to the practice of yoga can be the start of a journey towards a life of greater wellbeing, purpose and balance. When joining a yoga class we are offering ourselves time to reconnect, to tune back into states of self/being beyond all the things we 'do' and all the roles we have by allowing the body, breath and mind more energetic freedom, space and clarity. We tend to experience a shift in our physical and mental state after a class but with a long term regular practice the benefits begin to seep into our daily living and actions as we find more clarity, calm and openness from clearing and cleaning all the stuck energies and habits of life. The yoga practice can become a supportive and guiding path for living a life of more purpose, wholeness and presence.   


Opened in 2013 by senior yoga teachers Paul Wong and Emily-Clare Hill and supported and evolved by the whole Mudra teacher family. Putting a combined 20+ years of yoga teaching experience, care and understanding into every single aspect of the studio Paul and Emily are the very heart of Mudra with a passion to provide a sanctuary of wellbeing and connection through the practices of yoga, while building a friendly, collective and supportive community where everyone is welcome.


The Stoke Newington yoga studio opened in 2013 (after previous years of renting spaces around London) with the ethos to provide a dedicated ,supportive and friendly yoga space where people could enjoy exploring yoga, feel at ease and held for an hour or two and step into a space of care. We believe the yoga studio offers students a place to step back from the pace of London (or step out from working from home) and take time to reconnect, to move, breath, awaken and be still in a collective environment. All of our teachers have been carefully chosen for their passion and dedication and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles of yoga but all offer expert and unique class experiences (find out about our teachers here). 



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All classes currently held in-person at our Stoke Newington yoga studio!

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