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We aim to keep the experience of the studio and yoga as uncomplicated and affordable as possible and therefore offer a simple 'no strings' approach to class pricing with affordable single 'drop-in' classes and cheaper class packs for more regular yoga practice.

SINGLE CLASS - use within 12 months

- £14 -

Can be used to attend any yoga class. 12 hour cancellation


5 CLASS PASS - use within 4 months

- £55 (save £15) -

Great for first timers to try the studio and for sporadic studio use. Can be used for any yoga class.

10 CLASS PASS - use within 3 months

- £95 (save £55) -

Intended for those who practice fairly regularly through the month, hence the shorter expiry. 
Can be used for any yoga class.


15 CLASS PASS - use within 2 months

- £135 (Save £75) -

Intended for those who practice regularly through the month/week, hence the short expiry. 
Can be used for any yoga class.



Online library of classes with Emily and Paul coming soon...



- AVG £25 -

2hour long practices to explore new teachings, teachers and build new skill sets and techniques.Check website for details and specific price. 48 hour cancellation  



Click through and follow the steps, create an account and send your gift card - any problems please email



We know a lot of our students are proud to be a part of the space and community around the studio, one of the great things about Mudra is that when you're there you kind of feel like it's your little space. So we thought why not carry a little Mudra with you and let our tote bags carry the load. To purchase just pay here and your bag will be available to collect when you are next in the studio, just let the teacher know or you can pay cash in the space. 

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