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We strive to keep your experience of the studio and yoga as affordable and uncomplicated as possible and therefore offer a simple 'no strings' approach to class pricing with affordable single 'drop-in' classes and cheaper class packs for more frequent students. Without the pressure of a membership and when to attend we believe a simpler method lends towards a more dedicated class energy and therefore a more satisfying and enjoyable studio experience for all.

IN STUDIO - SINGLE CLASS - (valid for 12 months)

- £12 -

Attend any of our 60min or 75min yoga classes. 12 hour cancellation


IN STUDIO - 5 CLASS PASS - (valid for 4 months)

- £50 (£10 a class) -

Great for first timers and sporadic studio use. Can be used for any 60min and 75min class on the timetable.



IN STUDIO - 10 CLASS PASS - (valid for 2 months)

- £90 (£9 a class) -

Intended for those who practice regularly through the month, hence the short expiry. 
Can be used for any 60min and 75min class on the timetable.


ONLINE - SINGLE CLASS  (valid for 12 months)

- £7 -

Only for use with our online classes




- AVG £25 -

Check website for details and specific price. 48 hour cancellation  




Click through and follow the steps, create an account and send your gift card - any problems please email


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