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We offer a range of yoga classes to suit all levels and preferences. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or challenge yourself with a more vigorous practice, we have something for everyone. We're confident that you'll love our classes, we'd like to offer you the first 5 class pass for £50 so you can try out the styles and times to see what serves you best.  Any questions just email us:

Yoga Styles 










Expect an all-round body, mind and breath yoga class experience. Classes build awareness and energetic freedom in the body, greater suppleness and strength while also cultivating conscious functional breathing habits and mental attention and ease. Expect a class that leaves you with a greater sense of balance and wellbeing. Mostly open to all levels but email if unsure or just check in with teacher at the studio if new to the practice.


In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time (typically three to five minutes or longer) to target the connective tissues (such as the ligaments) rather than focusing on the muscles. As a result, the asanas use less muscular (yang) engagement but work to energetic free deeper tissue structures. Expect a deep and meditative practice. Yin yoga classes: Thursday 7.30pm and monthly Workshops on Saturday 2-4pm. 


Expect a more fiery and challenging Flow (vinyasa) class. Classes will typically be delivered at a punchier pace, give options for 'advanced' poses (asana) and be delivered with the idea of exploring the physical edges while cultivating endurance and strength and having some fun along the way. A class for finding deep focus and to awaken inner fire. We recommend having tried regular 'Flow' classes before 'Power'. Classes: Monday 5.15pm & Thursday 6pm. 


A treat of a class. 40mins of Flow yoga to release and free the body to help to aid the deep settling into 20mins of Sound healing. The studios grounded energetics and acoustics help this class experience to be a weekly class to cherish. ​Classes: Wednesday 8pm and monthly Workshops. 


A flow class that is guaranteed to be more dynamic in nature and offer more progressive and creative options but taught with anatomical intelligence and conscious body attention. A class for when you are wanting a guaranteed awakening journey to awaken and release. Sweat, shake things up, have fun and enjoy.  

Paul Wong Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga_edited.jpg
Pigeon Pose - North London Yoga Studio
FAMILY YOGA (2-5yr old with adult)

FRIDAY'S 3-4pm 

Come and experience yoga and mindfulness through the art of play and story telling. A story inspired by nature, the seasons & world culture. Allow your child to develop strength and flexibility whilst having fun. (this session is accompanied by 1 adult, please email if you are planning to bring 2 children per adult, or 2 adults for one child. It is possible we just need to plan for spaces, there will be an additional fee.) 

KIDS YOGA (5-9 yr old)
TUESDAY'S 4-5pm (Resuming soon!
An hour of story telling, mindfulness and crafting. Explore the world through the philosophy of yoga. The session will tell a unique story, captivating kids' imagination, nurturing empathy, compassion & encouraging young minds to take agency for themselves. Parents/Carers must leave at the beginning and return or collection at 5pm.

A gentle pace with fewer transitions and more space to slow and receive. Also good for Beginners and for when you just need to slow down from the city and life pace but still move. Friday 10.30am, Saturday 5pm and Sunday 8am. 


A deeply nourishing class experience. Downgrading the nervous system and releasing and replenishing the body of tension and fatigue. Expect a slower paced class experience with plenty of time to feel reset and gently recharge. In general poses will be held for longer and transitions will be simpler and slower. Open to all levels. Perfect for when feeling life frazzled or just have the calling for some self-care. Restore Yoga ​Classes: Monday 8pm & Sunday 4.30pm. 


Expect the balancing effects of Yang and Yin energies. A class of two halves. The first section focusing on stronger asana (poses) developing strength and flexibility and building heat and cleansing stuck energetics. The second section will drop into extended yin holds calming the body to revive and working deeper into connective tissues and mental states of mediation. ​Sunday 6pm. 


A 45minute yoga class for when you want to practice and take some time out but are a little pushed for time. A shorter 'Flow' class but still fitting it all in without being rushed. A morning or middle of the day refresh and reset. 


If a total beginner you could try Slow Flow, Restore or Yin classes or Flow if you feel this would work for you. Email for further advice and teacher recommendations we also hold workshops for Beginners from time to time.

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