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Meet Our Teachers

At Mudra Yoga N16, we have a team of highly trained and experienced teachers who are passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Each of our instructors brings their unique perspective and teaching style to our studio, allowing us to offer a wide range of classes that cater to all levels of experience. Find out more below.

Marisse Gaskell
Claire Leigh Wilson - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London Stoke Newington N16

Claire Leigh Wilson


Flow Yoga - Friday 6:30pm

Claire began her yoga practice in 2013 following an injury and upon recognising the shift it was having on her own mental health, she was drawn to teaching. Since qualifying as a teacher in 2017, she has trained in Vinyasa, Mandala, Embodied and Tantric Flow and she uses movement as a gateway into our bodies' innate wisdom and intelligence. Expect a gentle, slow start before moving through a flow with a lot of freedom for you to explore your body responding to itself as it moves through different  shapes.

Molly Pardoe - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington N16

Molly Pardoe


Flow Yoga - Tuesday 8pm

Molly’s experience with yoga comes from a long standing love for movement. She started practicing yoga at the age of 14 and spent half a year in a Buddhist community learning the philosophical foundations of the practice after finishing university. 8 years ago, she went to Spain to get her  Hatha yoga certification. Since then, she has been topping up with different learning opportunities in order to explore the vastness of yoga’s body of knowledge. Alongside teaching, Molly applies her yoga into practices as a painter and an embodiment researcher.


Molly’s classes are about being authentic, fluid, and rooted in flow.  You can expect to float, ground, and strengthen in her dynamically structured and breath-centred sequences.

Charlie Faulkner - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London Stoke Newington N16

Charlie Faulkner


Power Yoga - Monday 5.15pm

 PowerYoga - Thursday 6pm

Yin - Thursday 7:30pm

Charlie found her way to Yoga whilst she was living in Australia in 2019. Looking for grounding and connection to herself and her surroundings, she stumbled across a local Yoga studio and everything felt like it clicked into place. 


Yoga became her sanctuary. A home, a playground and a place of learning. Whether it's stoking your internal fire in her power classes or inviting in softness through slower flows - each class is an invitation to create space for you to connect to the most authentic and magnificent version of yourself.

Faith Mcallister

Marisse Gaskell


45 Flow Yoga - Monday 12:30

Restore - Sunday 4:30pm

Yang to Yin - Sunday 6pm


Marisse is passionate about making yoga as accessible, diverse, and inclusive as possible. After working in learning and development in the corporate and start-up world, she is trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin. 


With energy and warm encouragement (and sometimes attempted humour), expect playful and dynamic vinyasa classes, along with gentle nourishing yin classes – all with plenty of options for you to take control of your practice. Marisse loves creating the space to explore stillness, curiosity, and letting go.

Anna Fahy - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington N16

Anna Fahy

Olivia Marley

Olivia Marley


Flow Yoga - Friday 12:30pm


Olivia takes a modern and science based approach to yoga. Expect clear instructions and a logical approach to postures that might on the surface seem complicated. You will also learn to work with the anatomy and needs of your own body to help you get the most out of each class. 

Olivia's classes are down to earth and welcoming. Expect to start slow with simple warm-ups that will hone your technique, get moving and work up a bit of a sweat in the middle, and then leave feeling stretched out and relaxed after finishing with a guided relaxation.

Naomi Watson - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London N16

Faith Mcallister


Dynamic Flow - Tuesday 8am

Slow Flow - Friday 10:30

Faith began practising yoga in 2012 after seeking an antidote to the familiar strains of city living. Over time, the yogic teachings became a vital toolkit for the everyday and later she trained in vinyasa, falling for its fluidity, freedom and creativity. In class, Faith encourages you to move and explore playfully, and weaves in the subtleties of mind, body and breath awareness. The vibe is heartfelt but lighthearted, spawned from a deep belief that life can get a little too serious sometimes and we can simplify to uncover more joy. Come to class for strong flows with a loose, liberated twist – a chance to come home to yourself and let go of the stuff that holds you back.

Paul Wong - Yoga Teacher at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington N16

Paul Wong


Flow Yoga -  Saturday 8am

45 Flow Yoga - Thursday 12:30

 Slow Flow -  Saturday 5pm

Anna is a warm, encouraging and supportive teacher. Over the last decade, yoga has given her the tools to awaken to more joy, connection and clarity and she is passionate about providing a space for others to do the same. 


With a background in Philosophy, Anna always aims to convey the deeper aspects of the practice within her classes. While this might sound serious, Anna is a firm believer that a playful approach to practising better helps us to let go and connect to ourselves fully. She believes that part of the beauty of asana is its ability to lead us towards balance; what we need fluctuates on a daily basis, so there will always be lots of options to scale up or scale down. Expect space for stillness, moments of challenge and hopefully a little laughter.

Emily-Clare Hil

Naomi Watson


Flow Yoga - Thursday 7:15am

Restore - Saturday 12:30

Naomi’s yoga teaching career began in 2013 and has involved studio teaching, trauma-informed work and the running of health based retreat programmes. Her teaching is grounded in the knowledge of yoga’s therapeutic capacity to enhance our sense of self through wellbeing. 

She works to give students the tools and techniques to access their own unique needs and foster new connections between body and mind that anchor us to the present moment with a sense of deep curiosity and care for ourselves. Expect a nourishing, grounding and creative class. 

Roberto Rubulcava
Bex Parker Smith






Flow Yoga - Monday 7:15am & 8:30am, Wednesday 6:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 11:10

45 Flow Yoga - Wednesday 12:30

Slow Flow & Sound  - Wednesday 8pm & Sunday 12:30

Get ready to take your practice to the next level. As a dedicated yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience, Emily is committed to inspiring and supporting students on their journey. With a focus on a fun and fluid practice, classes are sequenced with care and supportive guidance, providing the most indulgent way to practice yoga. 

Emily's passion is helping students explore and deepen their yoga practice. Believing that everyone is capable of this, no matter their level of experience. With guidance, you will be able to tap into your fullest potential and bring your practice to the next level. Classes are unique, engaging, and energetic, while still providing a safe space to practice. As a yoga teacher, Emily strives to embody the principles of mindfulness and awareness on and off the mat. If you’re looking for a yoga teacher that challenges and pushes you while still having fun.

Roberto Rubulcava


Yin Yoga  


Roberto's nurturing and grounding presence will expertly guide you through a fluid, strong, precise and grounding flow class. Expect to leave with a inner glow and smile on your face. Roberto teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga. He focuses on body alignment, the focusing of breath, mind, heart and energy while creating challenging sequences. 

Roberto's classes will awaken to joy had gone to sleep, his warmth and energy is so beautifully contagious you'll love his power classes as much as his pure yin restoring sessions.

Misha Daniels, yoga teacher at Mudra Yoga London.

Misha Daniels




Known for her playful yet intelligent class style, Bex first found yoga in her early twenties, while in recovery for an eating disorder. Through the practice, she began to recognise her body as her home and discovering the simple joy of mindful movement is what inspired Bex to take her first yoga teacher training in 2019.


Whether leading a dynamic flow or nourishing yin practice, Bex weaves philosophy, pranayama (breathwork), sankalpa (intention) and dhyana (meditative)  alongside the asana (poses), to support you in awakening a deeper awareness of self.

Ness, yoga teacher at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington Yoga Studio

Ness Wheeler

Jo Butler_edited.jpg

Fred Butler


Flow Yoga - Tuesday 6:30pm 


To Misha yoga is a living art. It is breathing, thinking, feeling, exploring, connecting and evolving within our internal and external world. 

During her classes you will explore poses, breath work, meditation and philosophical inquiry. 


Guided by a strong emphasis on breath, with great attention on not how a posture looks but how it feels. Through this the intention is to encourage others to connect deeply with themselves, creating a safe space for self discovery, letting go of self judgment and expectation and meeting yourself where you are in that moment. 


Misha combines her training in hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga and holistic approach of naturopathy to offer what her students need. 


Flow Yoga


A student of yoga for 8 years Ness guides her classes through intuition offering emphatic and explorative classes for all body types, ages and levels. A glowing presence and character with a joy to her words and teaching. 


Ness has a strong focus on building both a balance of strength and flexibility through the body, bringing warmth and calm to her classes she'll guide you with ease and elegance through the practice. Her perfect alignment cues and hands-on assists are used throughout her classes to guide you further into the experience.


Flow Yoga - Monday 6:30pm, Tuesday 12:30, Wednesday 8am, Friday 8am, Saturday 9:30,

Sunday 9:30


Restore - Monday 8pm

Slow Flow - Sunday 8am


Paul’s passion and enthusiasm to spread the teachings and practices of yoga as a pathway to improve physical and mental connection and health within the community has been the driving force behind the Mudra ethos and creation. 

Classes: Down to earth, soulful, encouraging and meditative with a physical edge. Expect a strong sense of presence on the mat and to work with a firm intension, as you are guided through a subtly strong, intelligent class punctuated and infused with the teachings of the practice beyond the asana. Paul always works towards a sense of connection or stillness in the body and mind and will offer options for all levels of practice from the beginner to advanced.


Family Yoga - Tuesday 3-4pm


Feeding the minds of the young is Fred's passion. Nurturing them through the art of story telling. Fred Butler is a London based creative known for occupying the space between fashion, art and craft. 

Fred is combining this cross-discipline with her Restorative Yoga, having qualified as a yoga instructor and a life-time passion for yoga since first practicing with her parents, has evolved into a new outlet for teaching children. Since becoming a mother, Fred is now focused on sharing her practice with our future generation.

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